About me

I am Inna Krikovtseva a Russian doll artist from Moscow. About ten years ago i learned the existence of the world of dolls, on one of the exhibitions of dolls where were presented static dolls. It was the discovery that such a beauty can be made with its own hands. I began to study the technology associated with this kind of creativity. But in 2009, i learned that these dolls can be done through ball-jointsand this prompted my to completely change my life. Since childhood, shedreamed of a doll that could pose like a human. I realized that shewants to do exactly jointed dolls: this understanding was the beginning ofher career. In order to thoroughly learn the intricacies of working with materials, theprocess of removing the molds from plaster and the principles of workingwith ball-joints, i took courses on which i am made my first doll in 2010.

I quit her job, to be able to fully dedicate herself to the creation of copyright jointed dolls, since this activity requires a lot of time and complete dedication. Only for making models for future dolls can take from four to six months. It is also required to constantly learn and improve many other skills. Because the author of articulated dolls issupposed to be simultaneously an engineer, sculptor, artist, hairdresser, fashion designer and a tailor, shoemaker, jeweler, photographer, and it’s not all the skills that you need to constantly develop. For those who workwith porcelain, the learning process never ends. Creating ball-jointed dolls from porcelain is a complex and fascinatingprocess. One doll takes her one and a half to two months of continuousoperation.

My favorite stage in working on the doll is modelling and painting, because these stages define what in the end will be the doll. The desire to embody new images, try new lines and shapes constantly encourages Inna to grow and move on. I tried different materials and sizes. In theend, i realized that, for my, porcelain is the best material for copyright jointed dolls. And in the sizes and shapes, i continues my experiments. I has 31 cm dolls, 15 cm (miniature) and even ball-jointed mini-piggy(4.5 cm), and of course i will continue to develop the range of my dolls. The possibility to translate ideas and images, to learn and to try new things inspires my creativity.

Inna’s dolls are very feminine and with a sweet expression. The facepainting is delicate and natural with a realistic finish. Her creations are fullof seduction.

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